"We offer comprehensive, tailored programs at Winding River."

Children’s Program - Starting at Age 5:
Our supportive, nurturing environment continues in the Children’s Beginner and Advanced Programs. The instructors provide consistent discipline and positive reinforcement while teaching valuable self-defense skills. Character building traits such as courage and perseverance are taught through the physical lessons of Soo Bahk Do. Self-confidence and self esteem increases as students progress through the different level, reflecting their improvement in mind-body harmony and teamwork skills. Winding River supports the total educational process by requiring school teacher feedback reports before a student is recommended for rank testing.

Young Adult/Adult Program:
Winding River provides inspirational instruction to help you achieve new levels of physical coordination and mental acuity. You may think your athletic peak was in high school and college, but adult students of Soo Bahk Do report being in the best shape of their lives in their thirties and forties. The exercises and techniques will bring about harmony of mind and body. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan training can help reduce the stress of parenthood, work, and family responsibilities while helping you be a better parent and partner. It's also an excellent activity that the whole family can do together. The emphasis on the martial art philosophy will apply in many ways to daily life situations that you may face. Learn how to express your artistic and creative self as you seek to perform the perfect technique. Learn the beauty of the "art" in martial art. Build your circle of positive friends by attending our social events, demonstrations, tournaments, and seminars. Learn to protect yourself and/or your family in these sometimes-violent times.

Junior/Intermediate Instructor Certification Program (Jo Kyo and Kyo Sa):
Beginning at the age of 13 and the rank of 2nd Gup (red belt, 1 stripe), a student is eligible to begin the process of Jo Kyo certification. This is a great opportunity to show leadership in the Do Jang, and exemplifies what an individual has already learned to express both inside and outside the studio. By assisting in class and working closely with other senior instructors, the building blocks to becoming a true leader are built upon. These “Apprentices” are at times also asked to help lead a class. After earning Jo Kyo, the rank of Kyo Sa can be a further goal along similar lines. Testing is conducted at a Dan Shim Sa (held twice a year in the northeast), and requires the regular instruction of classes at a certified studio. These certifications are recognized anywhere you go and is a great resume builder, no matter your age.

School Programs:
Winding River has served it’s community for 40+ years, and that doesn’t stop at the Do Jang. Be on the lookout in your school for our specially priced school programs! If you’d like to see Winding River begin a program in your child’s school, contact us .

Family and Corporate Memberships:
We offer discounted program rates for family members. We will work with your corporate fitness plans as well and set up discounts for 6 or more students from the same workplace.